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Brown pipe Ø 16 mm with Integrated Dripper to 33 Centimeters

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- Designed to water plants, dense plantations, hedges, trees, etc.
- Very fast and easy installation thanks to its extra flexibility.
- Very reliable dripper, lateral features longer than the competition to use less components, available in

Roll of 100 meters

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Pipe of 16 mm with dripper for irrigation of color Brown to 33 centimeters
- Simple installation
- Its unique material offers much greater flexibility and resistance to strangulation, allowing more closed turns. Less elbows and fewer stakes are needed to fix the pipe, making the installation easier, faster and more economical.
- Very simple branch to unroll, facilitating its placement, without folds or loops.
- The choice of pipe lengths and lengths gives flexibility in the design for different applications.
- Supports drip connection accessories and 16 mm connection accessories.
- It is recommended to install the valve at the beginning in installations located on uneven surfaces to minimize the danger of dripper clogging. This valve is also highly recommended in drip irrigation installations buried.
- 1.2 mm. The best mechanical resistance, crushing and breaking.
- The pipe provides resistance without competition to chemicals, damage due to UV rays and algae growth.

- The dripper design gives an incessant flow throughout the lateral length, ensuring the greatest uniformity, in soils with little slope.

- Pressure: 0.59 to 2.6 bar
- Flow rate: 2.3 l / h
- Temperature: Water: Up to 38º C
- Environment: Up to 52º C
- Filtration required: 125 microns
- Outside diameter: sixteen with one mm
- Inner diameter: 13.6 mm
- Wall thickness: 1.2 mm
- Separation: thirty-three days.


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