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Tube 16 mm with dropper at 20 ctm TURBULENTO

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Tube 16 mm with dropper at 20 ctm TURBULENTO

Piping for Irrigation Ø 16 mm with turbulent dripper at 20 ctm 2.2 l / h
Its use in irrigation fields where plants need to have more water per centimeters, this pipe is usually the most suitable, available in small rolls of 25 and 50 meters, for gardens.

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Irrigation tube with dropper at 20 ctm

• The emitter is a cylindrical dropper, designed with a wide and extensive labyrinth. This structure generates a turbulent flow of water that minimizes the accumulation of waste that causes clogging.

Product description:

• The drip sides contain two outlet holes for each emitter.
• Unlike others, this when containing an additional hole avoids the sealing by suction of particles when the water is closed.
• Contains a large dropper entry surface
• High resistance to seals, which will give a longer duration.
• Constant internal diameters, regardless of the wall thickness.
• Great wall thickness (1.00 mm), which offers great resistance to adverse weather conditions.
• Produced with high quality plastic materials and high durability.
• Protected with the degradation caused by U.V.
• Resistant to chemical products and fertilizers commonly used in agriculture.
• It complies with the emission uniformity standards category A (ISO 9261).
• Integrated pipe and dripper made of low density PE.
• The applications of this pipeline is for any type of field, fruit and greenhouse crops, where there is no slope and not long runs.


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