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Venturi fertilizer injector to fertilize their crops

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It provides accuracy and efficiency in the irrigation of agricultural fertilizer. The venturi injector is used to fertilize crops and plants through irrigation water.


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The venturi injector operation is based on the principle of vacuum suction. Water runs along a convergence step becomes wider and increasingly vacuum is created.

To inject chemicals in a regulated manner, with small differences in pressure between the water entering and the injection of fertilizer. Venturi nozzle fertilizers used to fertilize crops and plants through irrigation water.

Technical specifications
Work with the existing hydraulic line pressure, can inject up to 1800 l / h.
It is built with plastic materials resistant to various chemicals used in agriculture.
It adapts to different irrigation systems. And its operation is simple, very fast.
Venturi injectors have no moving parts or parts that may interfere with fertigation.
Venturi injector models
Model 3/4 "(3/4 venturi injector). With BSP male threads and body in polypropylene. It comes with a foot filter and nozzle set to regulate the suction flow.
Model 2 "(venturi injector 2). BSP female threaded body and reinforced plastic fiberglass.
Fertilizers venturi injector can be installed online. In situations where the output is low or when the pressure reduction is not a problem.

It can be installed in bypass, generating a 30% pressure drop by a manual valve is adjustable. You have to pay attention to that there is a pressure sufficient to operate the irrigation system output normally.

It can be installed in bypass, generating a sufficient pressure drop with a pressure regulator. Without using any type of valve.

It can be installed in bypass, with a water pump. With this system the pressure differences existing extra leverage and power saving is achieved.

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