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Drip Irrigation Accessories

Adjustable droppers, micro-sprinkler, subsonic, solenoid valve, tools, micro-tube connection, safety joint, stopcock, chest, fasteners

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  • Irrigation drippers

    Catalog of Drippers for Irrigation of Gardens.

    Urban Gardens, Greenhouses and Lands, General Accessories for the Assembly of Drip Irrigation Systems.

    A dripper is an instrument that is used in a drip irrigation system, a system used to irrigate essentially arid lands and which is highlighted by accepting the perfect use of both the water used and fertilizers. It is also used in large crops, in greenhouses and in some online crops such as cabbage or potatoes, etc. Its performance lies in the fact that the water circulates under pressure until reaching the drippers, once here the water loses strength and agility going out to the outside drop by drop. The water falls and filters directly to the roots, irrigating all the designated area of the same by means of the drippers, in this system of pipes and emitters, thus increasing production.

  • Uniones Para Tubo de...
  • Electroválvulas
  • Plastic Step Wrenches

    Fittings and water cutting, spike, Fitting and super-folding, for polyethylene pipe and drip irrigation tape, for use in agricultural irrigation and gardening. It has been studied its design to facilitate a comfortable and quick placement, looking for the savings in the labor of the placement of the same.

  • Threaded fittings for...

    Accessories Threaded plastic for pipe fittings

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